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The Characters of the Saga
It’s hard to give credit to every person that had a hand, one way or another, in the events that unfolded during the Age of Misfortune. Most of the souls that had a hand in it were born between 490 & 515 QR – although some were born far, far earlier than that.

Accumbion, the Amalgamation of Rot
Previously unknown to the world prior to the events around the Battles of Coldstone’s Summit, Accumbion is a horrific monster of insatiable hunger and the ability to both consume and give birth to shiriak. Feeding off of them allows it to see their memories, effectively using them as scouts. It is unknown if the one encountered on the outskirts of Toniki is the only one in existence – or just the first one of it’s kind.

Adrianne, the Mother, the First Exorcist, Order of Love, Dawnfire
After the Hardening, thousands of worshipers of Niasmis were cast out of their homes and hounded by Illiyans until well after they escaped the Civan Empire. Adrianne was a simple woman – wife to a blacksmith, mother to two children. As time and fate turned, the Goddess picked her (against her wishes) to guide the lost to a new home in the south. Granted the honorific of ‘Mother’ of the Order (also against her wishes) as her legacy grew, Adrianne was the first person that Niasmis entrusted with the knowledge of how to combat the dead and damned head on.

Akaran DeHawk, Exorcist, Order of Love
A neophyte exorcist in the Order of Love. Holds several minor exorcisms under his belt before being dispatched to Toniki, including a full-blooded demon. Has an… interesting… past that he doesn’t talk much about. Specifically, he doesn’t remember most of it. He was adopted by the Order in 501 QR, and he believes he was born in or around 493, but to whom – and where – isn’t something he can say. When the Order found him, he had been grievously injured; battered and bruised, lost and screaming, with one eye plucked clean from his head.

He quickly worked his way through training, surprising his tutors and surpassing the other trainees in the academy, and showed signs very early on that if he could harness his talent, he could become one of the best they had ever produced. His attitude, however, has always left a lot to be desired.

Even still, all of his skills aside, there’s an edge to him that makes his superiors uneasy. There’s a talent to him that makes people wary. And for reasons unknown by anyone with a pulse, some of his spells don’t work the way they should. Distressingly, he has a tendency for a lot less flash, and a lot more violence.

Alinox, the Spider King
…spiders. It has to be spiders, doesn’t it? What little is known about him is that he infests the fallen continent of Agromah, and is one of the fabled Generals of Arch-Duke Belizal. You might just find out more about him in late 2018…

Aloric Everstrand, Merchant-Master, Blackstone’s Marauder, Blackstone Trading Company
Aloric is a mercenary-turned-merchant, and carried his warlike ways on the battlefield into the negotiating chambers. He is currently (and happily) installed as the overseer to the city of Gonta (though his reach spreads throughout much of the province).

Annix & Zilyph
That’s odd. A pair of names that haven’t been encountered yet by Akaran or his allies. Listing them would have to be Insanity. I mean, surely Akaran deserves some kind of Respite after Toniki, doesn’t he? This surely can’t bode well if there’s two of them. Find out why sometime in 2019…

Arch-Duke Belizal
A true Daemon of horrific power, not only is he responsible for the destruction of Agromah, his son holds the curse that has stolen the sun from the Damian people. It is rumored that he is bound to the continent by an agreement struck by the Archangel Li’Orla; the very arrangement that resulted in the Hardening of Hearts. To say that he is a wanted creature is to understate everyone: from the fires of Illiya to the Harbingers of Gormith and unquestionably hunted by the Order of Love, Belizal’s the scale of his strength can be explained simply:

As badly as his condemnation is wanted, he is still here.

And he will remain a threat to humanity until he is brought low – and cast lower.

Badin, Battlemage Specalist, 13th Garrison, Grand Army of the Dawn
A heavy drinker and all around miserable bastard, Specialist Badin is a grizzled veteran of the Dawnfire army assigned to the detachment of the 13th Garrison based out of Gonta in Weschali Province. One of two battlemages assigned to the company, his usefulness is only compromised by his desire to be unhelpful.

Bimaria, Empress, Civan Empire
Ruler of the Civan Empire. She has held the crown upon her head from her lofty perch in the Imperial Citadel since she reached her twenty-third birthday. As of 512 QR, It’s been an eventful twenty eight years – and it shows no sign of slowing down yet.

Brevil Yumshidar, Huntsmaster, Northern Hunter’s Guild, Civan Empire
Attached to the Hunter’s Guild Office in Port of Prime, Brevil is a mid-level functionary with unchecked desire for wealth, power, and fame. Generally considered a disgusting, fat slob by most, he hasn’t seen the field in at least two or three years by 510 QR, instead preferring to let others handle the killing while he manhandles the paperwork.

Catherine Prostil, Maiden-Templar, Order of Love, Dawnfire
Maiden-Templar Catherine Prostil in Basion City is a direct descendant of Sister Catherine Prostil and is a Maiden of the Queen in Dawnfire. Born in 452 QR, she is engaged in an ongoing feud with Lady Ridoria Medias – which is a growing inconvenience for the people trapped in the middle. She doesn’t command her own Consort, but instead has been tasked with overseeing the Repository of Miral. She is well-known in the upper echelons of the kingdom for doing everything she can to make sure that it remains safe and undisturbed.

Catherine Prostil the First, Sister of Love, Agromah
Catherine was the de-facto voice of Niasmis in the Grand Temple of Love on Agromah. In the closing days of the Adelin Civil War, and the rise of Belizal, Catherine helped evacuate thousands and thousands of people from the shores of the burning wasteland. It is said through prophecy that her soul still lingers in the cursed lands, helping to ease the pain of those bound to their decrepit bodies.

Dalin Havnil
A well-to-do merchant with ties to Maiden Piata. He thinks he can get away with anything, and frequently does.

Daringol (Classification: Arin-Goliath/Nesting Wraith)
A nesting wraith infesting the areas around Toniki and Gonta in Weschali Province. Currently hunted by Akaran DeHawk and his allies, so far, stomping it out and stopping the spread of its corruption has been neigh-impossible.

Deboria Ult, Priestess of Stara, Order of Light, Dawnfire
The Priestess of Stara for the Temple of Light in Gonta. Like other Priestesses of her Order, Deboria has the ability to read thoughts and understand the auras around a person. This is an incredibly valuable trait to bring peace to the sick, scared, and lost. It is also incredibly annoying if you find yourself at the wrong end of it.

Elanis, Lady and Guildmatron of the Southern Hunter’s Guild, Golden Empire of Matheia
She doesn’t just call the shots; she has an innate ability to assess a situation and determine who or what needs to die when and where and usually how. Sweet and kind on the outside, at heart she’s a cold calculating monster. Rumor is, she can make Writs of Execution appear out of thin air (and it’s hard to call it a rumor when it’s actually true).

Elrok, Huntsman, the Southern Hunter’s Guild
Born in 494 QR, Elrok is a dwarven prince – although only barely. Deciding that leadership was the last thing he needed to be involved with, he renounced his claim to the Throne of the Crystal Kingdoms and decided to go to work huntin’, killin’, and drinkin’. It works out fairly well for him, until he has to join forces with the damian Stannoth Shi’amar in 517.

Evalia Wodoria, Battlemage, Lieutenant Commander, 13th Garrison, Grand Army of the Dawn
The wife of Commander Xandros Wodoria of the 13th Garrison. She’s a battlemage, and a damn effective one at that. Don’t get on her bad side, and for the sake of the Gods, DON’T let her hear you call her Xandros’s pet!

Grimblebob, Arch-Adjunct, Order of Light, Dawnfire
One of the eldest Adjuncts in the Order of Light, he resides in the Dawnfire Capitol and has a hand in training other Adjuncts throughout the Kingdom.

Inniat, Lower Adjunct, Temple of Light, Gonta
Inniat is an older priest that’s set in his ways and doesn’t tolerate outside opinions. He personally feels as if he should be the leader of the Temple of Light in Gonta, but he respectfully – barely – keeps those thoughts in line and diligently serves the Order as best as he can. Although, he is far more of a “letter of the law” than a “spirit of the law” type of priest, which causes no end to the consternation suffered by those below him.

Hirshma Kalabranic
One of three elders of the village of Toniki, Hirshma has more power than her brother (the “actual” elder). A dedicated alchemist, she is capable of healing the worst injuries and devising solutions based solely on science, and not magic. Or so she wants everyone to think.

Johasta Fire-eyes, Holy General, Grand Army of the Dawn and Order of Love
A devout follower of Niasmis, Johasta is the military commander of the Kingdom of Dawnfire, and all of the Order of Love’s paladins, exorcists, and templars answer to her. She is not, however, a pleasant person; there is a longstanding rumor that the word “bitch” was invented solely to describe her.

Lativus, Lieutenant, 13th Garrison, Grand Army of the Dawn
A soldier in the Grand Army of the Dawn, Lativus was part of the first detachment of troops sent to assist Toniki before things went… horribly awry.

Makolichi (Classification: Abogin/Revenant)
A demon originating straight from the Lower Elemental Plane of Ice, Frosel. It has been on a rampage through the mountains around Toniki for years, although only recently named and properly identified. Rumor is that he had pledged allegiance to the God of Plague but somehow ended up eternally drowning in the frozen seas dominated by Zell…

Effectively stranded in Toniki in 509 QR after having to stop and resupply on her way to Ameressa, Mariah opted to stay through the end of winter. When winter didn’t end, she offered her services to anyone in the town that would take them; as luck would have it, Hirshma found potential in Mariah-Anne’s desire to train with the alchemists of Ameressa, and took the young woman under her wing.

Massalette Firsoda, the Third Queen
Massalette Firsoda was the third Queen of Dawnfire, and was an effective ruler by all accounts. Sadly, Massalette had a habit of bedding young men who had just reached adulthood – not a crime in and of itself – and then feeding them their own cocks once she had her own fill. While generally frowned upon, she was never deposed and eventually died of natural causes. Thrown into Avaritisha’s Fleshpits upon death and spiritual damnation, she did eventually raise herself to Abyssian royalty status in the most twisted proof possible that power really IS all about who you know and who you blow. Steelhom really wasn’t kidding when he said the Order had been seeking her final condemnation for centuries…

Olessa Roseorn, Lady of Ameressa, Fellowship of the Alchemetic
An influential member of the Fellowship of the Alchemetic, located in Ameressa.

Orin, former Captain, Gonta Militia, Dawnfire
One day prior to the start of Slag Harbor, he was in charge of the Gonta Guard. However, after subsequently pissing off both Exorcist Akaran DeHawk and Battlemage Evalia Wodoria, he was relieved of his command. He’s lucky he wasn’t relieved of his head.

Podera, former Emperor, Adelian Empire
During a bitter civil war, Emperor Podera grew desperate to keep power over his territory, and struck a deal with Arch Duke Belizal, a Daemon lord of immense power. The deal was ill-advised, and eventually, did not work out in his favor. Rumor is, there’s a special place in the pit with his name on it…

Rear Admiral Xavier Roschell
His Ballad is a thing of legend. A fleetsman-turned-pirate unlike any other, Roschell established the loose alliance of fiefdoms known as the K’pina Isles between Sycio and Matheia. As the years turned, he sailed every ocean and sea known to man, and a few that weren’t. Nobody knows how he died, or even if he did; though his story says that once he conquered the waterways of Kora, he sought to tame the waters beyond the Veil as well.

Ridoria Medias, Lady of Medias Manor, Gonta
Ridoa is formerly of the Granalchi Academy, and studied the school of psyanistry extensively. She began work as a trade negotiator around her twenty-second birthday and then after experiencing conflict in the 3rd Imperium War, devoted her energies to treating shell-shocked soldiers and victims, learning healing magic as she went.

After years traveling as an attachment to the Dawnfire Army, she began to work for the Order of Love after an encounter with a Hovothian cult when she was thirty-six. Realizing the extent of which demonic activity could harm the human mind, she searched for a place to treat the hurt, the wounded, and the maddened. The Sisters of Love admired her for her efforts, and helped her establish Medias Manor in Basion City in 491 QR, where she’s lived ever since.

Riorik the Hobbler, Boss, Fleetfinger’s Guild, Weschali Province
Boss Riorik is a portly man with deep pockets and few morals. He runs the Fleetfinger’s Guild in Gonta and has contacts throughout the entirety of Weschali. Don’t ask how he got his name. He might show you. And if he says you’re his new best friend? You’re probably wishing you weren’t.

Wife of the Innkeeper of the Rutting Goat, Rmaci seems to know everything about anything that’s going on in Toniki. Some say she uses her ‘charms’ to her advantage, but don’t dare utter that rumor in front of her husband.

Ronlin Kalabranic
Brother to Hirshma, he claims to be the Elder of Toniki. He’s a former veteran of the Dawnfire Army, and has been a follower of Makaral in times past. He also owns a butcher’s shop in the village, which has slowly lost any relevance as the wildlife in the area has slowly dwindled to nothing.

Solobob Balach
One of Belizal’s generals, this thing is a winged chinikari – and should never, ever, be underestimated. Expect an updated entry after Stannoth Shi’amar runs afoul of one-half of the Brothers Demented in 2018.

Stannoth Shi’amar, Huntsman, the Southern Hunter’s Guild
A damian from the Family, Stannoth is one of few of his generation that decided to accept the Enchantment of Starset that would allow him to live in direct sunlight. Born in 492 QR, he joins the Guild in 509. In 510, he is “volunteered” to take a writ that sends him to the Agromah wastelands. Later, in 517 QR, he joins forces with another Huntsman, Elrok, to hunt down a murderer in the Kepershal Gemwarrens…

Steelhom, Brother and Paladin-Commander, Order of Love, Dawnfire
Paladin-Commander Steelhom has been a father figure to Akaran for most of his time in the temple. A silvery-haired veteran, his skills with a staff are incredible, and comes second only to his mastery of magic. His efforts to keep the Boushodin Occupation clear of the damned earned him the rank of Paladin-Commander, and his knowledge of the ways of magic earned him time as a tutor and instructor at the Academy of Exorcisms in the Order of Love.

Yolistal Galagrin, Private, 13th Garrison, Grand Army of the Dawn
A member of the 13th Garrison, Galagrin is sent with the second detachment of soldiers sent to help bring order to the mountains around Toniki.

Xandros Wodoria, Commander, 13th Garrison, Grand Army of the Dawn
Longtime friend of Brother Steelhom of the Order of Love, Xandros is a no-muss, no-fuss career soldier in the Grand Army of the Dawn. Loving husband to Evalia Woodoria, he’s the quintessential fighter, and will happily do whatever it takes to get a job done he’s been ordered to do.

Who he is, and what he does, is a mystery. To the people of Toniki, he’s just a wizard with some skill with ice. To the people that know better… he might be something more. He went missing a few years before the Toniki incident began, though nobody really thinks the two are connected.

People are, sad to say, stupid.

Waggerchill, the Misbegotten
Oh with a name like that, this one CAN’T be good. It’s a Shot in the dark, really. You’d have to be Blind not to know that a demon in service to Charnac isn’t dangerous. Find out why in late 2018…

Son of Archduke Belizal, this Daemon is sadistic in ways that defy imagination. One of his greatest accomplishments was cursing the Damian race to die whenever they would see the sun. He is actively hunted by an entire race of people, and his whereabouts are, at current, unknown (though incorrectly believed to be beside his father, ruling somewhere deep in the Abyss).