Cosplay For a Cause

So about those Ghostbuster pictures in my Instagram feed…

Don’t be alarmed. I’m ready to believe you.

I was a huge Ghostbuster fan growing up. I used to write (really really bad) stories when I was six or seven. I dreamed of being one. I watched the cartoon shows religiously. I know the lines of the movies by heart. I always wanted to BE a Ghostbuster.

Weird how life catches up to you.

Few years ago, I ran across a local group of cosplayers that dress up in movie-accurate uniforms with equally-impressive gear. Since I wanted to be a Ghostbuster as a kid, why not…?

The best part about the entire experience is that we raise money for the Children’s Home Society of WV and the American Heart Association (among others here and there).

Check ’em out!