How to Read Your Free Book!

The links below take you to a website called ‘BookFunnel,’ which will work in one of several ways. If this is your first time downloading a book without buying it from Amazon or another major retailer, you may notice there’s a couple of extra steps involved. All I can say to that is, “I’m sorry.” Sometimes it works quickly, sometimes it doesn’t. Technology is wonderful, but occasionally, it’s irritatingly limited.

Option A (automatic) for your Kindle or Kindle Desktop App:
Click the link and go to the download page. Follow the prompts, and you’ll have an option to read it as .mobi (for the Amazon Kindle), .epub (for other e-readers), or .pdf (for most anything). If you follow their prompts, it will handle everything – BUT, to send it to your Kindle App, you might have to install the BookFunnel App on your device. The prompts you receive will give you that option. That said, once you do, it handles everything automatically. *This is the easiest method.*

1. Click this link: BookFunnel link:
2. Click “Get it now.”
3. Click “Kindle or Kindle App.”
4. Select your Kindle version, or “download .mobi” if you’re using the Kindle Desktop App.
5. Follow prompts for Kindle version. Or, download the .mobi and open it on your desktop.
If you are using the desktop version and simply opening the .mobi does not open it, follow the instructions at THIS LINK for help from Amazon:

Option B (automatic) for your Kindle PHONE App:
1. Click this link:
2. Click “Get it now.”
3. Select “Kindle”
4. Click book code if you have the BookFunnel App.
– If you DO NOT have the BookFunnel app, click, “Install BookFunnel App.”
5. Follow remaining prompts.

Option B:
If you do not want to use the BookFunnel App to send it to your Kindle reader automatically, you have a few other choices.

– Download as a .pdf from BookFunnel
BookFunnel link:
– Click that, follow the prompts until you are given an option to download .pdf

– Download it as a .mobi file, and open it in your Kindle device manually. To do this, get the file by following the Bookfunnel prompts, or click the other link to download it directly:
BookFunnel link:
– Click that, follow the prompts until you are given an option to download a .mobi

Once you have it, you will need to follow the instructions from Amazon on how to transfer the file to your Kindle App – either by emailing it to your Kindle, by transferring it physically, or by using Amazon’s “To Kindle” application.
Link to Amazon’s instruction page:

– Download as an .epub for other e-reader software:
Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with other e-reader services, and in all honesty, there are dozens of them out there. I know enough to know that .epub is a very popular file type with them, so I’m going to include links to get it – but how you install it is between you, your e-reader, and their help desk.
BookFunnel link:
– Click that, follow the prompts until you are given an option to download .epub

Whew. I know. It’s a pain. I wish it was as easy as listing it on Amazon, marking it as free, and giving you a link for it. Unfortunately, I’m filling the role of ‘third party distributor’ here, meaning that instead of giving the work to the big ‘zon to handle, I have to show you the manual ways to take care of it.

If you run into problems, PLEASE EMAIL ME! I will do what I can to walk you through it.


In the future, I’ll be using BookFunnel some more for freebies and other things. Plus, BF has a HUUUUUGE collection of other authors, books, special sales, incredible deals. I wouldn’t use it if I thought that it only made my life easier – I want to make YOUR life easier too. I’m also not the only author in the world, and there’s a legion of incredibly talented people who use this service. Don’t stop at just the Saga; explore the website and find another series to sink your teeth into!