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It’s a city ruled by demons and run on cybertech. Welcome to Los Santuario… and the world of Necrotek.

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October 20th, 2023

So, a little bit of unfortunate news here. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I’ve had to cancel the launch of Necromancer’s Bullet for the foreseeable future. I know it won’t be out in October, and November is up in the air. It is my hope to release it in 2023, though I’m currently trying to re-evaluate my choices for 2024. While I am incredibly proud of the work and the book, it is taking significantly longer to complete the final revisions on than I had previously expected.

In all honesty, I would rather release something to you – my fans, my potential fans, and random_person_that_found_this_website_01 – that is the absolute best quality I can while providing myself the best chance I can to ensure a solid launch across multiple platforms rather than release something with limited fanfare and quality that isn’t up to my standards.

In the meantime, I’m hard at work on more content, more novels, and at the same time, working on my annual food drive in the Parkersburg, WV area.

You can go ahead and get the first chapter for free by registering for my email newsletter at:

And you can pre-order the paperback by filling out this form:

Thank you for understanding! More to come soon, I promise.
~Joshua E. B. Smith
Author, the Saga of the Dead Men Walking & NecroTek

Welcome to a world where good things happen to bad people.
Actually, welcome to two of them.

Welcome to the Saga… and NecroTek.
My name is Josh, and I’m the author of both the grimdark fantasy horror series, The Saga of the Dead Men Walking and the new cyberpunk/urban fantasy series, NecroTek. The Saga has been out for a few years, but NecroTek won’t see the light of day until October 1st, 2023.

To order any of the existing novels as signed paperbacks, visit the shop:

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Or to see the existing series, check:

~Joshua E. B. Smith

PS: Working out a bug or two with the new shop. If you go to add multiples and end up back here… I’m sorry! Working on the fix with my webhost as of 9/6/23.



Heaven help us, but someone taught Akaran how to send emails. We’re doomed.

Seriously though, the Saga now has a newsletter! Sign up today to receive some pretty funky benefits, including:
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Welcome to the Saga!

My name is Josh, and I will be your guide, narrator, entertainer, and possibly torturer.

Maybe I shouldn’t lead with that part? We’ll see.

This website is dedicated to my book series, the Saga of the Dead Men Walking. On this site, you’ll find information about each book in the series, a little bit about me, where to go to download or order print copies of the Saga, upcoming events I’ll be at, and some web-exclusive things (such as character bios and developmental blog postings).

But what IS the Saga?

A World on the Brink

Peace has never really reigned in the world.

At best, it visits briefly, teases the populace, and slips away like a phantom lover in the night.

This is the 512th Year of the Queen’s Rule in the Kingdom of Dawnfire, a Kingdom known for the ruthless grip of the Grand Army of Dawn and the Queen’s (relatively) loyal subjects. It’s a wealthy Kingdom, bountiful with resources, trade, and a fairness to most of the religions in the known world. But as all Queen before her, the current is growing restless – the borders of the Kingdom haven’t expanded recently enough to sate her hunger. The gears of war are turning, and the trumpets are sounding.

And luckily enough, there’s plenty of chaos to be found.

Border skirmishes have begun to erupt on the north-eastern and western sides of the Kingdom – cultists following the Plaguelord to the West; unhappy grumblings and treacherous machinations from the Civan Empire to the North. Tales of madmen and necromancers peering from the shadows past the Ocean of Tears to the South, rumors of an uprising of the damned in the lands far to the north of the Empire.

Wars are coming.

There can be no question of it. The Queen wants one; her Holy General wants one worse. Every war has its heroes; every battle has its victors. Every fight has its losers, and every graveyard holds men and women that ended up as one or both.

The Exorcist

Akaran DeHawk is a man with no family, little memory, and an anger problem. In service to the Goddess of Love, he is bequeathed with special authority within the Queen’s realm, and to make sure that the things in the dark that would bring chaos to the world are hunted down and staked to burn in the sun.Soaked in blood before he even graduates, this boy (barely a man) is thrust headlong into matters he doesn’t understand, for reasons he can’t comprehend, but with one driving edict to push himself forward: the Tasks of an Exorcist.

To help the souls that can be salvaged find peace;
To release the souls that are cursed to walk of volition not of their own;
And to condemn the ones that should not have been allowed
to see the light of day.

Welcome to the Saga.

A place where good things happen to bad people – and the good people are questionable at best.

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