HEADS UP 5/21/24:

SITE UPDATE INCOMMIN’! You’ll notice a lot of links aren’t working quite like they should. I switched themes, and suddenly… bam. It went live.

I have a handful of new pages to put together but it’s reasonably high on my priority list (ie: DO IT NOW JOSH.) I’ll be on it for the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, don’t forget – you can get signed copies of everything I have in print at my shop!


News from the Dead
January 12th, 2024

No news is good news, right? Only kinda. My name is Josh, and I’m the author of the grimdark fantasy horror series, the Saga of the Dead Men Walking, and the upcoming cyberpunk & urban fantasy series, NecroTek.

I know it’s been a bit but the last few months I’ve been busy – I organized a food drive that raised over $3600 for food pantries around Parkersburg, WV (and got to be a parade marshal!), I started taking gig writing jobs, and I’ve been hard at work and creating brand new content to release later this year.

But enough about me – sorta. Part of my new year is a new website design, and I hope you enjoy!

Joshua E. B. Smith
Author, Content Writer, and More

The Books of the Dead

Do you enjoy #grimdark #fantasy #horror? Do you prefer your fantasy without romance?

Or are you more of a fan of a book that goes in guns blazing – where city streets are lined with demons, black magic, and worse choices?

Take a look here for every title written by Joshua E. B. Smith and begin your new favorite reading obsession today!

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Writing and Editing Services

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Are you after an editor, an editorial review, or a content writer? Are you looking for affordable ad copy services?

The world of written media is a digital festival of opportunities – and we’d love to have the chance to work with you on creating your world – in whatever scope you have.

And Now, a Word… or Many.

The internet is a dark and scary place where you can find all kinds of things – and I’ve written some of them.

Or if not written, taken video of it.

If you’d like to see some of the articles I’ve written or my growing TikTok account, take a look in here.

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