Here’s the weird thing… I LOVE to talk about my characters, my stories, my world, my everything. If you’ve got feedback, a comment, a question? If you want to run me as part of your blog, want to connect with me for whatever reason, or even to get a signed copy?

Please! Let me know. I’ll answer your messages as soon as I can, I promise.

A personalized order (signed, dedicated) placed with the author SPECIFICALLY through this website or Facebook Shops or in-person conventions cannot be refunded. Orders through alternate sales channels (such as, Ebay, or other third-party vendors) are covered under those retailer’s return policies.

Slightly less professional:
I’m mandated to include this by agreement with a particular e-commerce hosting page that doesn’t actually have anything to do with this website or is hosted on this server. The internet is a vast and headache inducing-void sometimes.

A full comment on the return policy is here:

(Not something I expected to need to sell books but hey, welcome to 2022):
Joshua E. B. Smith, Author may collect personal information (shipping information, name(s), email address(es)) for the purposes of fulfilling orders or registering individuals with the Dead Men Emailing Newsletter. Joshua E. B. Smith does not share this information with other parties EXCEPT for the purposes to:

I. Ship ordered products to the buyer or location of buyer’s choosing
II. Add to his newsletter database hosted at with the registrant’s permission
III. Submit an invoice
IV. Dedicate a book
V. Process a request to order a paperback copy(ies) of any of his existing titles

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Shipping information, sales information (excluding payment details but such as name of buyer and date of purchase) may be retained for the purposes of book-keeping and financial records. This information is not offered to nor sold to third parties at any time by Joshua E. B. Smith, Author.

Updated July 10th, 2023