The Saga of the Dead Men Walking

A grimdark swords and sorcery fantasy tale – with a mix of horror, omnipresent dread, and no shortage of violence.

The Saga is a multi-book series following the events of Order of Love Exorcist Akaran DeHawk, the mercenaries Stannoth Shi’amar, Karistina Semtune, and a host of others across a grimdark fantasy world full of violence, bloodshed, magic, mayhem, and worse.

This series is aimed at an adult audience – but isn’t for everyone. With themes of torture, damnation, assault, and murder, this is an adventure for those that aren’t of the feint of heart. Set in a world akin to Game of Thrones and The Witcher, the Saga mixes a sword & sorcery fantasy setting with monster-of-the-week hunts you’d expect in shows such as Supernatural with demons that would rather kill you than make a deal with you.

While this is anything but a romance – it is a story about Love, and She’s a bitch… and Her goal in the Age of Misfortune is all about revenge.


The Battles of Coldstone’s Summit

Akaran’s journey begins with a simple exorcism that turns into anything but.

As a newly-minted exorcist in the Order of Love, Akaran thinks he’s ready to encounter the horrors of the world. His training didn’t prepare him for a winter without end – or a village full of fools that want him gone more than they want his help. But the last man they wanted is the one man they needed.

As demonic dogs and frozen corpses claim the mountainside for their own, confronting the damned is only part of the problem. The secret to why snowflakes fall in summer, why dead men walk in winter, and the curse of the damned’s favorite things can be found in a harbor of slag at the foot of a mountain of corpses.

If you enjoy brutal violence, questionable heroes, and gritty fantasy that will sink its teeth into you, then you’ll enjoy Joshua E. B. Smith’s foray into depravity and demanded darkness.

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The Auramancer’s Exorcism

Exorcist Akaran DeHawk’s story continues as he’s sent to recover at a manorhouse for the magically be-maddened, though what hides in the hallowed walls of Medias Manor is more malevolent than motherly. Between a broken knee, nightmares that won’t cease, and a curse that’s stopped him from being able to channel the divine will of his Goddess, he’s seen better days – and he’s entirely content to wait for those days to return.

But even in the safest city in the Kingdom, the dead know no rest – and no respite for their insanity. As bodies pile up in the streets and madness finds a rapturous joy in the blood of the fallen, a merchant of secrets prowls every nook and corner in search of an object of power as a war for the underworld threatens to spill into the light. If Akaran can’t stop a murderer no one believes is real, there will be worse things to confront than simply death.

The lost will find Respite, the murderous will find Rapture, and insanity will bring a Reckoning

If you enjoy violent delights with brutal ends, bloody bodies and fanged horrors that stalk the shadows, you’ll enjoy Joshua E. B. Smith’s continuation of the Saga of the Dead Men Walking.

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Stand-Alone Stories

A young woman accused of murder.

A pair of mercenaries that hate each other.

A peace that doesn’t want to be kept.

It’s a wide world in the Saga, and suffering knows no bounds. Dive into stand-alone stories following the mercenaries of the Hunter’s Guild as they track goblins – and face off against an agent of the God of Death itself.

These stories include:

Welcome to a world where good things happen to bad people…

…and the good people are questionable.

At best.