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NecroTek: Necromancer’s Bullet

Anthony Pierson: ex-husband, ex-Army Intelligence, ex-employed, and currently broke – and broken. The only things keeping him going are a crappy pension, a cybernetic arm, and an escort named Callie… plus a few “federally mandated” odd-jobs to line his pockets. Life couldn’t possibly be better, though his ex-wife is intent on making it worse.

When she shows up at his doorstep with a gun to her head and a story about her brutally murdered brother (a self-righteous Church of Angelic America pastor, at that), the idea of a peaceful weekend goes up in flames. With a bio-mechanical monster on the loose and a gang war brewing on the horizon, the city of Los Santuario is about to learn that Anthony’s history with black-ops means black-magic.

Necromancer’s Bullet by Joshua E. B. Smith is the first novel in the brand-new urban fantasy/cyberpunk series, NecroTek! Launching Summer 2023, Bullet is for fans of Shadowrun, Bright, Judge Dredd and maybe, just maybe, for fans who liked a little bit of Inception. A gore-streaked and foul-language run through the Neo-Corporate society of America circa 2067, it’ll hit you like a bullet to the chest.

Pre-orders for paperback editions coming soon!

“It was everything the Neo-American dream claimed to be. Violent sex. Passionate guns. Fast cars. Faster food. If you wanted it you could get it right here in Los Santuario and all you had to do was want it just bad enough to sell your soul. Maybe figuratively. Maybe literally. It depended on if the ghost you walked around with was worth anything to anyone.”

– Anthony Pierson, Federally Licensed Necromancer
Los Santuario, Texas
– Anthony Pierson, Licensed Necromancer
Los Santuario, Texas