Slag Harbor

Something is rotten in the City of Mud,
and Makolichi’s presence left corpses in the harbor.


About the Book

Slag Harbor is a companion novella in the Saga of the Dead Men Walking. This story bridges the gap between events unfolding in the lower part of the Kingdom and Akaran’s own struggles in Toniki – which expands the world and gives insight for a disaster that’ll come in The Auramancer’s Exorcism.

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Just because Akaran’s returned to Toniki doesn’t mean that everything is quite at an end in Gonta. Left behind to make sure that all those with ill-intent have been swept away, Private Galagrin ends up answering questions he didn’t know he needed answers to…

Gonta: The City of Mud.
Her people are terrified. Demons walked the streets a scant day ago, as Exorcist Akaran DeHawk battled the frozen demon Makolichi. He won his fight, and trudged on to the next one.Prviate Yolistal Galagrin was left behind, tasked with the simple duty of cleaning up any residual mess that the exorcist may have missed. But cleanup is never simple, and evil always has allies.

Rot festers in the shadows of the mountain, and the Circle of Growth churns in the swamp known as Slag Habor. As an acolyte of the Plaguelord begins to take advatange of Makolichi’s corruption, can an unprepared private, an egotistical priest, a drunken battlemage, and the Master of Thieves all come together to step the spread of Neph’kor’s influence…

…or will they all simply drown in the mud?

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