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Auramancer’s Hunt

In 508 QR, she began to lose her mind…
In 513, another exorcist would help her find it.


About the Book

Auramancer’s Hunt sets the stage for a new trilogy in the Saga of the Dead Men Walking – and introduces a new type of evil to the world. If you like brutal heroes, good guys that aren’t, and bloody nightmares that just won’t quit, then you’ll love the unforgiving epic that is Joshua E. B. Smith’s Saga.

Bistra Enil, the Auramancer Exorcist.
A priest capable of seeing the true nature
of anything that crossed her path…

Her insanity would unravel the safest place of the Kingdom – and it all started here.

Order of Love Exorcist Bistra Enil has been sent to unravel the truth behind a village gone quiet – and missing soldiers that recently traveled to it. Armed with her wits, a magic sword, and the ability to see the truth behind the lies, she’s accomplished much in her tenure with the order.

But some truths are not ready to be uncovered. As an exorcism that will lead her to insanity, discover the horror that breaks her mind.

And the monster that wants more than her blood.

Get Auramancer’s Hunt today – because the fangs that terrorize her are very, very real…

Finished the Hunt?
Ready for a Respite?

Book I of the Auramancer’s Exorcism is available now!

Get it today – because a Mind is a Terrible Thing

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