Claw Unsheathed

An abused girl accused of murder.
A Mercenary on the hunt for a goblin slave.
When their paths cross, the claws will come out.

The first book in the Lady Claw series

About the Book

Claw Unsheathed is the first novella in a grimdark, brutal fantasy tale that follows a burgeoning assassin-to-be set in the world of Joshua E. B. Smith’s Saga of the Dead Men Walking.

*Please note: this story contains strong references to trauma and abuse that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Her sister is dead…
…and she’s been accused of the crime.

About the Book

Karistina is a woman on the run. Blamed for the grisly death of her little sister – by her own father – she has a date with the gallows. Her father has reasons of his own for pinning the blame on her shoulders, and in their village, his word is the only law that matters. If she can’t run, she’s dead, and her other sister will be the one that pays a price worse than death.

When help comes from the strangest of places, she’s left with a choice: join forces with a mercenary with a gambling habit or be buried under her father’s lies. If that means hunting a goblin in the most dangerous jungle in the hemisphere, so be it.

Because it doesn’t matter if Kari did it.

It just matters if she can do it again.

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