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Insanity’s Requiem

Sing for the Saints.
Cry for the Condemned.


About the Book

Insanity’s Requiem is the fourth and final book in the brutal grimdark fantasy series, The Auramancer’s Exorcism. If vile monsters, stacks of bodies, and tortured minds take your interest, then you’ll love Joshua E. B. Smith’s final entry in his gore-filled epic.

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The saints sing for mercy – and the condemned cry for justice.

Blinded by divine fury, Exorcist Akaran DeHawk is ready to bring down holy vengeance across the neck of the sadistic vampire that’s been plaguing his every waking step with rapturous glee. With the fate of the Auramancer in the balance, he’ll burn the city down to save her if he has to – if the bloodsucking bastard doesn’t do it first.

Finding a respite from the mayhem means unleashing a reckoning the likes of which the Kingdom has never seen. Because if he doesn’t, the woman he’s sworn to protect will be trapped in eternal slavery…

…and her screams will be his requiem.

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