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Insanity’s Respite

Welcome to the safest city in the Kingdom.
Try not to trip over the bodies.


About the Book

Insanity’s Respite is the captivating first book in the Auramancer’s Exorcism dark fantasy quadrilogy and the direct sequel to The Battles of Coldstone’s Summit in the Saga of the Dead Men Walking. If you like brutal heroes, good guys that aren’t, a world you can get lost in, and bloody nightmares that just won’t quit, then you’ll love Joshua E. B. Smith’s unforgiving epic.

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It’s a safe place, they said.
You’ll rest, you’ll heal, they said.
They could not have been more wrong.

Akaran’s adventures continue in Insanity’s Respite, the first book in The Auramancer’s Exorcism!

Start with the first chapter!
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Exorcist Akaran DeHawk is desperate to recover his sanity. With a leg shattered beyond repair and holed up in an asylum, he’s plagued by visions of places he’s been and people he’s slain. But his demons aren’t finished with him yet, and between butchered bodies in his dreams and grotesquely mutilated corpses in the street, he’s cursed with the knowledge that the killer may not be human… and nobody is willing to believe him.

Convinced the shadows in his nightmares are real and are lurking among the ‘Safest City in the Kingdom,’ Akaran battles a disbelieving populace as he hunts down the truth. But stripped of magic and with his own mind on the brink of chaos, he could be racing headfirst into darkness…

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Book II is now available!
Akaran’s worst nightmare just came true…
…and she’s going to set his world on fire.
Insanity’s Rapture
Book II of the Auramancer’s Exorcism

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