Battles of Coldstone’s Summit – Set!


Grimdark, gritty fantasy awaits as a priest nobody wants embarks on a mission to save their souls.
Boxed Set: contains nearly 900 pages of demonic dogs, soul-shredding wraiths, and a priest that would rather punch you than save you…

As a newly-minted exorcist in the Order of Love, Akaran thinks he’s ready to encounter the horrors of the world. His training didn’t prepare him for a winter without end – or a village full of fools that want him gone more than they want his help. But the last man they wanted is the one man they needed.

As demonic dogs and frozen corpses claim the mountainside for their own, confronting the damned is only part of the problem. The secret to why snowflakes fall in summer, why dead men walk in winter, and the curse of the damned’s favorite things can be found in a harbor of slag at the foot of a mountain of corpses.
If you enjoy brutal violence, questionable heroes, and gritty fantasy that will sink its teeth into you, then you’ll enjoy Joshua E. B. Smith’s foray into depravity and demanded darkness.

This set includes the digital editions of:
Snowflakes in Summer
Dead Men in Winter
Slag Harbor
and Favorite Things.

Start the journey of the Saga of the Dead Men Walking and take part in the Battles of Coldstone’s Summit today, and walk with the dead…
…before the dead walk with you.

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