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This is it – the big boi, the big bundle o’ books. This set contains all eight currently-in-print titles of the Saga of the Dead Men Walking.

Important note:
If you want to order all eight books, you can either order the two bundles separately and receive them in two packages for slightly less shipping, or order all eight books through this bundle for a couple of dollars more – but you’ll get insurance.

Mail happens. You’re paying $80+ for books, and I want to make sure you get them. And if you don’t get them, I want to be sure that you and I are both protected.

If you intend to grab everything for yourself or the reading fanatic in your life, I do recommend this method.

Snowflakes in Summer
Dead Men in Winter
Slag Harbor
Favorite Things
Insanity’s Respite
Insanity’s Rapture
Insanity’s Reckoning
Insanity’s Requiem

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