The Auramancer’s Exorcism – Set!


A cursed priest with a dead woman in his dreams. Rumblings of a demon thought vanquished on the waves. A sadistic vampire stalking the city streets. If Akaran can’t overcome his own demons, the Safest City in the Kingdom will succumb to bloody insanity…

BOXED SET: Contains four novels of grimdark, brutal fantasy horror as the one man crazy enough to believe a vampire is real is the one man everyone believes is too mad to be trusted.Exorcist Akaran DeHawk’s story continues as he’s sent to recover at a manor-house for the magically maddened, though what hides in the hallowed walls of Medias Manor is more malevolent than motherly. Between a broken knee, nightmares that won’t cease, and a curse that’s stopped him from being able to channel the divine will of his Goddess, he’s seen better days – and he’s entirely content to wait for those days to return.

But even in the safest city in the Kingdom, the dead know no rest – and no respite for their insanity. As bodies pile up in the streets and madness finds a rapturous joy in the blood of the fallen, a merchant of secrets prowls every nook and corner in search of an object of power as a war for the underworld threatens to spill into the light. If Akaran can’t stop a murderer no one believes is real, there will be worse things to confront than simply death.

The lost will find Respite, the murderous will find Rapture, and insanity will bring a Reckoning. But if he can’t bring an end to the madness, their suffering will only be Insanity’s Requiem…

If you enjoy violent delights with brutal ends, bloody bodies and fanged horrors that stalk the shadows, you’ll enjoy Joshua E. B. Smith’s continuation of the Saga of the Dead Men Walking.

Contains the following novels:
Insanity’s Respite
Insanity’s Rapture
Insanity’s Reckoning
Insanity’s Requiem

Confront your nightmares and read the Auramancer’s Exorcism today before they come true – because a mind is a terrible thing.

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