Book I of the Battles of Coldstone’s Summit: Snowflakes in Summer


A ceaseless winter. A village besieged by horrors. Can a hero no one trusts end the carnage before the undead rend his flesh?

Brash young neophyte exorcist Akaran DeHawk is determined to prove he has what it takes to purge the wilds of monsters. But when he’s sent into hostile territory that hasn’t seen spring in three years, he soon discovers the bloody reality is far worse than superstitious locals and rogue wolves. And with demons targeting the backwoods, it’s going to take more than a foul mouth and a sharp sword to stop their bitter rampage.

Plowing deeper into the intrigue, the overconfident youth ignores the town’s scorn and plunges further into peril to confront the soulless terrors. But Akaran quickly finds himself out of his depth as more brutalized remains pile up in the bleak frozen north, and whispers on the wintry air warn of abominations hunting in the night.

Can Akaran oust the creeping malevolence before the snow turns crimson with his blood?

Snowflakes in Summer is the gripping first book in the Saga of the Dead Men Walking grimdark fantasy trilogy. If you like brutal heroes, spine-chilling creatures, and grisly combat then you’ll love Joshua E. B. Smith’s uncompromising epic.

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