Book II of the Battles of Coldstone’s Summit: Dead Men in Winter


The demonic dogs have been slain – but a mountain covered in corpses is about to unleash an avalanche of the undead.

Uncovering the secrets buried in the mountains around Toniki was the first step. Dragging them out into the light of day is another – and putting old souls to rest is the only way to stop it. Yet the damned are restless, and some of them are absolutely relentless. Toniki may have briefly fallen from the grasp of the frozen demon running rampant through the snow, but the city of Gonta at the base of the valley is ripe for the taking.

While Daringol’s corruption spreads down the mountain, new allies prepare to enter the fray.
Paladin-Commander Steelhom of the Order of Love has arrived at the village – none-too-happy with his wayward student. He’s been joined by Commander Xandros & Battlemage Evalia of the 13th Garrison, as well as Deboria Ult, the High Priestess of Stara to provide aid and rest to the weary and wracked. Their combined efforts might be enough to stem the onslaught of walking dead shambling through the snow.

Might – because new allies means new enemies.
Rmaci still sulks in the shadows – although literally haunted and hunted by her actions in the forsaken village. Demonic scavengers from the otherworldly realm of rot have started to appear almost out of thin air, and a messenger who heralds the so-called “Man of the Red Death” has brought a warning of his own. While they work to their own ends, the ice-demon Makolichi waits to make his next bloody move.

And the one man that can stop it may already be dead.
Neophyte Exorcist Akaran DeHawk put his life on the line to keep Toniki safe, and earned a spear of toxic ice through his gut for his troubles. In an effort to protect him, an otherworldly woman whisked him away from the battle at the last minute – but nobody knows where he went, or how to help him. While Akaran fights for his life, others will fight for his soul.

Because if he dies, they’re all just dead men in winter.

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Content Warning: contains scenes of violence not suitable for all audiences.


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