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Book III of the Battles of Coldstone’s Summit: Favorite Things


Magic has a cost, and it’s time for some devils to pay their dues.

Protecting Gonta was just the start – but finding a way to banish Makolichi for good almost made up for the lives lost in the process. Safely back in Toniki, Akaran and his allies launch a race against time to not only melt their frozen adversary, but to close the portals that his long-dead master opened into the Worlds Beyond Worlds. If they’re going to stop the flood of the dead from overtaking the world, shutting those breaches is the top priority… but there’s going to be a cost.

The Gods don’t like it when you play in Their yard…
…and They don’t approve of mortals bouncing back and forth between realms. Akaran has had one-too-many drinks from the perfect waters of the River Solindal, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. As shiriak swarm the mountainside and a man in a red robe plots in the Veil, time is not on his side to exile the damned and repair the damage they’ve caused.

The wizard Usaic has one more terrible truth hidden in his sunken tower.
Arin-Goliaths have a core. A singular entity filled with rage and grief and pain that serves as an anchor to bind all of the other lost around it. Who are the souls that call Daringol home? And who is the soul trapped in the center, twisted and torn? It’s a secret covered in ice and buried beneath the waves, and the one secret that will either end the world – or save their eternal lives.

When Usaic’s tower ascends, it’ll raise the dead.
But the damned had better hope they’re ready to come to the light.. Akaran serves the Goddess of Love…
…and vengeance is one of Her favorite things.

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