Insanity’s Reckoning

He begged for mercy.
Now he prays for pain.


About the Book

Insanity’s Reckoning is the brutal third book in the Auramancer’s Exorcism grimdark fantasy quadrilogy and the next gore-filled entry in the Saga of the Dead Men Walking. If you like vengeful heroes, good guys that aren’t, a world you can get lost in, and demons that would rather strike you dead than strike a deal, then you’ll love Joshua E. B. Smith’s unforgiving epic.

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There’s a reckonin’ a comin’.

He’s been beaten, broken, cursed, and stripped of both power and rank. Now the most dangerous man in the city is on a mission to get his magic back… and he’s got murder on his mind.

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Exorcist Akaran DeHawk is done playing nice. Months of frustration, lies, and false accusations have made him doubt his own sanity. With evidence in hand of who – and what – is making the city streets run red with blood, it’s time to make a vampire answer for his sins. But to catch the killer, he’s going to have to get his magic back.

Except he can’t do it alone, and his enemies outnumber his allies. While he attempts to find a way to bury his past for once and for good, those closest to him are about to find themselves at risk of losing their lives – and worse.

His past rides the waves – and it has a very long reach.

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